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Avoid doorway pages in your search engine optimization strategy

January 7, 2010 by Megri Kohli  
Filed under Web Promotion

Doorway pages are specially optimized pages for one search engine and 1-3 keywords. They are also known as gateway, bridge, entry, jump and supplemental pages. Doorway pages provide higher search engine rankings for any keyword, with any search engine. They are not completely indexed by search engines because of file formats, a chance to achieve a Top 20 position. Doorway pages stand on their own, separate from the rest of the site. These pages usually feature a logo, some text and a link that asks visitors to enter for more information.

Aren’t doorway pages spam?

Doorway pages were given a bad name by webmasters who created thousands of doorway pages with meta refresh tags and invisible keywords. If these spam elements aren’t used, doorway pages are not considered spam.

  • Vary text in your doorway pages.
  • Vary sentences and the size of a page.

How to create effective doorway pages?

To create effective doorway pages, use only 1-3 keywords per page. If you use more, your pages will be diluted and not fully optimized. Pick your three most important keywords and optimize them for Top 10 search engines. Even though you will need statistics for every engine.

Before creating doorway pages, there are guidelines that doorway pages for all engines will follow:

  • Keyword Frequency – This measures the amount of time a keyword is repeated. Keywords repeated
  • Keyword Weight/Density – This is the percentage of keywords in relationship to all the other words. The higher the percentage, the better.
  • Keyword Prominence – Your keywords should come first! Most important keywords should be at the top of the page and in the beginning of a sentence. Never use doorway pages for directories Directories, which use humans to review web sites, don’t enjoy doorway pages. You risk being blacklisted by submitting a doorway page to a directory. Since people don’t need to see your HTML, its optimization is unnecessary.

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