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SEO Glossary – F Here are the terms which start with the English Alphabet F.


It is one of the most popular open source web browser whose features is making it more popular day by day. More on Firefox

Fresh Content

Fresh content are those which give something new to its visitor each time they visit or after some specified time frame. The sites which maintain fresh content are frequently visited by search engines blot to reindex the pages.


It is the multimedia application designed by Macromedia Corporations. It provides the feature of making interactive multimedia web pages. It is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich web experience.

Floating Ads

These are the ads that appear to float on top of the web pages. These ads are linked to some or the other web page. As soon as the user clicks on the particular webpage the ad linked to that page appears to float on top of the page.


Forum is a virtual community designed to exchange views on any particular topic. There can be different categories viz. Education, Entertainment, Business etc. People wanting to share their views would need to get themselves registered to these forums, in which they can either start a new topic(called Thread creation) or they can reply to already existing topics(called Postings).


Frames are a way to divide the browser screen to allow easier navigation under some circumstances. Frequently, frames are used to add a side menu bar to a web site where the constant back and forth clicking would become tedious in a single page.


The favicon is also known as web site icons or shortcut icons, or bookmark icons and is a file containing one or more than one smaller icons. The favicons are usually connected with a specific web page or website. The web user can design such icons and place them on the web site through different means. It is a file having one or more smaller icons in it. Favicons are generally connected with a specific website or web page. There is also the additional facility available for the web user, in this facility the web users can design and place icons on the website with different tools or means.


A feed or web feed is basically a data format used for offering the user updated content that is updated frequently. The content distributors carry out feed syndications letting the online user to subscribe it. A web feed is also known as a syndicated feed in the short term. A content owner publishes a feed link on their website and the end user registers on an aggregator program working on their machines. This is an easy and simple process similar to link dragging on to the web browser on to the aggregator. The distributor of the content carries out feed syndications enabling the online users to subscribe them. A web feed is also termed as a syndicated feed in the shorter term. Owner of the content publishes a feed link on their site and the end user register on an aggregator program operating on their machines. The process of feed is quite simple and it is identical to link dragging on to the web browser on the aggregator.


The FFA is a summary or groups which are free for all.  The FFA is inferior quality web pages and the page ranking of the FFA is low due to their low quality. The interesting thing about the FFA is that anyone can register their links free on these FFA. The FFA is valuable particularly for the SEOs of blackhead. These FFA sites were created 5 to 8 years ago. The user had to visit these sites in order to register themselves. With these free for all websites the user can place their information on it and link to the website for free or without any cost. These FFA are termed as high traffic sites because many links are posted on them. The page rank of the FFA page is lower due to its lower quality.


The filter is basically an extensible and flexible software of search engine optimization tip. We can also say that the SEO filter is a type of search engine software used for the management of content and forums. The SEO filter is a kind of search engine software deployed for managing of forums and content.


FTP stands for file transfer protocols and is basically a network protocol deployed for transferring files from one host to another on the internet or on a TCP based network. The FTP is based on server-client model and it make use of separate data and controls for making the connection between server and client. The protocols of FTP include making use of the password and username for authentication. The FTP makes use of server-client model and it deploys separate data and controls for establishing connection between server and client. The protocols or rules of FTP consist of making use of username and password for authentication.

Fresh crawl

Google makes use of its spiders in order to crawl the web and make their indexes. The crawlers are based on the algorithm of the Google. Factors such as link, traffic age and Pagerank affects the crawler. The fresh crawler is more frequent but less extensive than deep crawl. It normally takes a week for completion but take several months for final results. The fresh crawl  crawls the pages that are already located in the crawl, picking up the new pages. The fresh crawl pages are evaluated and then inserted into the search pages instantly.  This helps the surfers to find the new pages instantly in the search of web pages.