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SEO Glossary – K Here is the next alphabet in the vocabulary for you.


Keyword is a word or phrase which the search engine user may type to search for certain web page or information.If your website does not contain that particular set of keyword which is searched then the chances of your site appearing the search results is highly unlikely.

Keyword Research

Determining the right set of words and phrases for your website to focus your SEO on so that people get to your website on those words. For this different keyword research tools and methods can be employed.


It can be defined as the number of times a particular keyword is used in a web page, divided by the total number of words on that web page.
The more times that a given word appears on your page (within reason), the more weight that word is assigned by the search engine when that word matches a keyword search done by a search


It can be defined as a set of words containing keywords, used for a particular search. For details refer to ‘keyword’.


Refers to how “high up” on a web page, a keyword appears. Generally, if keywords are visible on the first screen on a web page without site visitors having to scroll, the words are said to have high keyword prominence.
It is best to have your first paragraph to be full of important keywords rather than superfluous marketingspeak. This concept also applies to the location of important keywords within individual HTML tags, such as heading tags, title tags, or hyperlink text.

Keyword Research Tools


Keyword Stuffing


Keyword Targeting