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SEO Glossary terms, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms for terms related to - 0-9

301 Moved Permanently

The code “301″ is can be defined as “moved permanently”. By using 301 code you can redirect webpage, web folder or complete website to new location without losing your search engine link popularity. It is the most common and search engine friendly method for moving one page to another location. How fast search engine implement your instruction depends upon the frequency of search engine crawler to your site and authority of your domain.

302 Found

The code “302″ is can be defined as page “found” but temporary located or residence at different URI. Some search engines are not comfortable with this code and some time it is hijacked

200 OK

It can be defined as request has been “successful” the various methods can be used for getting the response like GET, HEAD, POST and TRACE