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SEO Glossary- C - Here are the terms of SEO and SEM which start from C which will help us all in understanding search engine optimization terms quickly and easily


These days everyone wants their site to be cached now what does this mean. Cache means copies of web pages stored in the search engines databases after they have indexed any particular website. Google is a unique search engine which allows its users to check the cached version of any website in its database by clicking on it tool bar option of “cached snapshot of page”.

Call to Action

Refers to the point where user is prompted to perform some action. A “Call to action” is copy used in advertising to encourage a person to complete an action as defined by the advertiser. Examples of “Call to action” words are “Click here”, “Click to download”, “Buy Now”, “Enter Now”, “Call now”, “Bring your coupon”.

Click through

It is the action of clicking to an online advertisement,which redirects you to some other website. Accurate counting of click-throughs is important as it takes an added importance when they are used as the measurement on which payment is based.

Click through rate

It means the rate with which user performs Click through actions.It is a way of measuring success of an online advertising campaign.It can be calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the number of times the ad was delivered.

Cold Fusion

It is the Rapid Application development platform developed by Adobe, to connect HTML pages with databases.It also enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain robust Internet applications for the enterprise. It is most often used for data-driven web sites or intranets, but can also be used to generate remote services.


Crawler or Web Crawler is a computer program that browses world wide web in an automated manner. Ants,automatic indexers, bots are its alias.They identify themselves to a Web server by using the User-agent field of an HTTP request. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine to index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches. Are used for automating maintenance tasks on a Web site, such as checking links or validating HTML code.


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Canonical URL

Catch All Listing

Catch all listing is a kind of marketing method that is used by pay per click search engine to monetize long tail keywords that are not yet targeted by the marketers.This technique may be useful if you have the competitive keyword but it may create the problems since it uses the un-targeted marketing and most of the search engines have editorial guidelines against bulk marketing.This method is an attractive idea for theme specific search engines.


CGI stands for common gateway interface which is a type of standard interface for web server programs and other types of software .CGI is the set of protocols that define a way to communicate the web server with another program. Most of the cgi programs are used to add interactivity to a website. CGI is a set of instructions for running scripts and programs on a web server.


Cloaking is the SEO technique in which web page content presented to the search engines is different from that presented to the user’s browser. This content presentation is completely based on the IP addresses or the http header of the user requesting page. It is useful and artificial method used for better ranking and visibility of the keywords. It s helpful in changing the identity of the site depending upon who had accessed that site.It redirects the page within the few seconds.This technique is supported by the search engine and not recommended by the google.


CMS stands for content management system. CMS is a system that is used to manage content of the web site. content management system like as application and tools in which provide creation ,manage, store,edit and publishing electronic text.The content management systems is used to Provide or present information on the web sites



comment is opinion reaction. A Comment is written explanation or other textual material.comment like the statement that expresses a personal opinion. A Comment generally remark often related to an added piece of information, or an observation or statement.

Comments Tag

Comments tag are not displayed in the browser. The comment tags are used to insert comments within the coding of your web page. All the text are inserted inside the tag pages but any tag will be ignored by the browser and is only invisible for the user. The comment tags are not used for search engine optimization purposes.

Contextual Advertising


By conversion or conversion rate we refers to ratio of the online visitors who has converted their own site visit or the content which they have seen for necessary action assigned by the owner of a website. The conversion ratio is term associated with conversion that refers to number of goal achieved over the number of visits paid to the site.


By copyright we refers to a legal right of the author or creator of creative works or artistic work. Copyright in SEO refers to bringing a client effective, unique content that is rich in keywords. By providing informative and fresh content to the search engine the SEO copywriter enables the website to attain higher space in the search engine without sacrificing banner ads, pay per click and other form of advertising.


Cookies are generally smaller text files that are placed and stored on the hard driver of user. It can also be defined as a piece of information that is stored up in the memory of your computer until the user closes their web-browser. The pages that require the use of cookie can be included into the indexes of search engine. The submission depends upon the type of cookies used. Another thing that determines submission is whether the page that makes cookies are positioned on the secure server or not.


The CPA stands for cost per acquisition or sometimes cost per action marketing. The CPA is useful for increasing the sales of your website for those customers who are not sure about SEO method. In search engine optimization getting visible to the online user is the main priority in order to attract flow of online traffic towards your website.


CPC or cost per click has different meanings. In SEO terminology cost per click refers to the amount of funds charged from an advertisers each time a visitor clicks on a link of sponsored type. Cost per click also refers to total cost accrued by an advertiser each time the advertisement is clicked. The CPC varies from advertiser and for search engine and it depends upon how much popular the keywords are and also the basic price a search engine charges. More popular the keywords more expensive will be the cost per click.


CPM or cost per thousand is unique from other models of online advertising models.In the cost per thousand one pay for each impression and in CPM one pays a fixed amount for each thousand impressions their ads make. Impression takes place each time the advertisement of the user is shown on the screen of the computer.

Cross linking

By cross linking one refers to linking between two sites. The cross linking takes place without taking into account whether the sites are owned by same person or not. The internet is based on the concept of linking. It helps the online users to reference a site that has content similar to what they are viewing already and is beneficial for them in future. Cross linking is also handy for those interested in search engine optimization.The cross linking is a very famous factor that determines the relevance and importance of a website for a given topic. The inbound links and reciprocal links are valuable tools of SEO given the user offer cross linking efficiently.