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SEO Glossary with D Terms

Directory Submission

Directory submission is process of submitting website to web directory after selection of relevant category to site submitted. The process involved section of directory, selection of category and filling of title, description, keywords, name and email to complete the submission process.


Means the web page that grabs information from a database and inserts that information into the web page each time it is loaded. The page is connected to the database by programming. If the programmer makes some changes in the database, the change will automatically be reflected back on the web page.

Dead link

It is the link that is there on website, but actually it does not exist. The most common result that we get on clicking to a dead link is 404 error, which indicates that the server responded but the requested page could not be found. Another type of deadlink is a URL that points to a site unrelated to the content sought. It occurs when a domain name is allowed to lapse and is subsequently re-registered by another party.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are Web pages designed and built specifically to draw search engine visitors to your website. They are standalone pages designed only to act as doorways to your site. These web pages are created for spamming the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases with the purpose of sending visitors to a different page. They are also known as bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages etc.

Deep Link

By deep link we refers to a hyperlink present on the website and which is not homepage. The deep link is an internal link. Popularity of deep links are must to gain search engine rankings. The deep link is regarded as good submission in the terminology of SEO.

Dedicated Server

The dedicated Server is a type of server in which the client leases a total server which is not shared with anyone else. It is more flexible type of hosting and in it the organization doing the hosting has full control over the server like the choice of hardware and operating system. Due to its higher cost the dedicated server is deployed by those websites which have higher volume of traffic toward them.

Deep Link Ratio

Deep Link Ratio refers to number of internal pages that are linked with incoming links of relevant established web pages. By internal pages we refers to those pages that are located deep inside the website and are different from main page or homepage. The deep link ratio points towards the ratio that is present between the number of pages pointing towards the home page and the number of links that point towards the interior page. Deep link ratio is given in percentage more the link ratio more better would be the SERPs.


By De-Listing we refer to removal of pages the index of search engine. There are number of reason due to which a site is scraped or removed from the search engine. The De-listing is done when a site breaks the rule of guidelines of search engine like enhancing the rank of the site through illegal way.

The is rated among one of the most popular and top social bookmarking site where one can share, save their bookmark online with other people. One can check out their bookmarks from any place they visit. There is the option or service of creating personal wish list in this site and one can also subscribe their favorite subjects and users in it..


Demographics is that information which company keep for different people present all over the world. With the help of these statistics one includes the size of the client so that can company can check out medium, large or small companies. But generally this is used to recognize differences in the attribute present among people.


The demographic is that set of information or characteristic which the company keeps for different types of people located all over the globe. The characteristic generally includes gender, age, occupation and ethnicity and other related items. The target of demographic business includes a group of people at which the services and products of the company are targeted.


In Digg different websites and News stories are submitted by the users located all over the world. This tool let the users to vote for the stories by digging and buying through vote down. It is generally seen that the links with majority of Digg votes appear on the homepage in the beginning.


In Digg different websites and News stories are submitted by the users located all over the world. This tool let the users to vote for the stories by digging and buying through vote down. It is generally seen that the links with majority of Digg votes appear on the homepage in the beginning.


DMOZ is also called as Open Directory Project(ODP) and it is the biggest directory system which has websites more than 5 million in number. There are subcategories and categories present in the DMOZ. The links of this directory are included into appropriate subcategories. The interesting aspect is that DMOZ is handled and kept by human editors and the links are reviewed manually before they get live. The time taken for getting your listing approved take lot of time in DMOZ.


If we look at the Domain Name System or service we refer to point domain name to the server and where the real site is stored. DNS converts URL addresses into an Internet IP address of numeric type( for e.g. Whenever a user place a domain name, the browser forwards or send request for address to a DNS and it asks the host’s IP address. The DNS come back with real IP address, then the user make use of the website directly along with host.


By domain name we means a specific name which helps to identify a site on internet. The domain name has two or more portions separated by dots like The domain name can also be called as the site’s homepage like for example “ is connected to domain “”. Actually the domains are text names of plain type for IP addresses.

Duplicate Content

The Duplicate content is that content which have been sent back by other writer of content. We have the ability to check copied or duplicate content on yahoo or google. There is also the facility of using the tool of content checker of duplicate like to modify the duplicate or copied content.

Dynamic Content

A web page’s dynamic content is that information which let a page to automatically change for various users and their website based activities like:- this highlight the time of the country of various users. The dynamic content consists of content that attracts the uses by offering them experience of interactive nature.

Domain age

By domain name we mean what is the age of a website or how older that website is. The longer the life of the website better it is considered. The age of the website has big effect on the domain ranking of that website. The older domains have ranking higher in the search engine. For SEO purpose the domain age is very much handy, due to the ranking factor.