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SEO Glossary – E Here we are presenting you with the alphabet E. All terms which are in connection with search engines or searching starting with E.


These days if you have noticed minor changes in Google results keep on happening this is because to get the best results available to its users Google has introduced concept of fresh crawling daily. This daily crawling concept is known as Everflux.It is an ongoing effort of Google to bring the best and updated results for its users.


Editorial Link

The editorial links is a type of link which are fixed by the web site owner. Editorial links over a link the quality standard of the editorial for those who write an article or update or modify the article. The editorial link is acceptable links in those on-topic which are written accurately.These links are organic in nature.These links are not payed off.These links are related to those topics that are written efficiently or precisely.

Entry Page

The Entry page is known as first page where the user came with the help of domain name. The entry page is deployed by user as the main page. In todays time the entry page play a vital role in the online marketing. The entry page offer a facility for communication between client and user.

Ethical SEO

By Ethical Search Engine Optimization we refer to techniques of SEO or accepted standards or rules which the search engine optimization has laid down. For example a benefit from its relationship over the web business. By it we mean that the SEO activities involves no risk but long period benefits. If we look at the ethics we refer to a professional or personal choice but actually these are not the easiest choice. The concept of ethical search engine optimization changes as per the environment or set of techniques of seo compatible standards laid down by the search engine optimization.By the word ethic we mean a personal or professional choice but these are quite tougher choice.The ethical search engine optimization concept varies as per the environment.

External Link

The external link is the one in which the information is defined in the brief manner connected to information or resource and is connected in an outbound manner. It is with the help of external links that we can get a deep understanding about a related topic of information about reading type. There are certain guidelines or rules which the external link follows. The external links are usually not placed in the body of the article.In simple terms if a link links to you it is regarded as an external link. Similarly if  you link to another website it is considered as external link as well. The external links follow certain rules or guidelines and these external links are not placed inside the body of the article.

Error page

The error page is a page which is not working anymore. On an error page there is a friendly message shown to the user that this page no longer exists at the given location. A page error takes place when a user tries to log on the web page but this web page shows the error message “Error page not found”. Thus the message of the webpage is the error page.

Exact Match

Exact Match Domain (EMD)

By EMD we mean the exact match domain. EMD refers to a specific keyword which the user is searching matches with the search query. The exact match domain is helpful for Search engine ranking of the user. The user gets useful and unique information from the EMD. But it has been seen that sometimes it does not offer valuable and proper information to the user. The EMD is really handy and useful for the SEO operator who know how to use it.The exact match domain means a specific keyword which a user is searching matches with the search query.It is really handy for the search engine ranking and the user obtains unique and useful information for the exact match domain.

E Commerce Site

The E Commerce site refers to electronic commerce which is selling and buying of product service like computer network and internet. The electronic commerce offer business connected information by making use of e-mail, electronic data, fax transmissions, telephone and business to business related dealing or transactions. E commerce site is a site in which the business takes place online and the pages of E commerce site are search optimized for the ease of the online user. The E Commerce site provides business related information by deploying tool such as e-mail, fax transmission, electronic data and telephone for business related dealing or transactions.