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SEO Glossary – I I is the word of internet and many important terms of SEO start from it. So here are the definitions:-


Index is that store house of search engines where they store the textual contents of the websites which they collect through their spiders.

Inbound Links (IBL)

Inbound links are the links which point from other websites to your own website.IBL are an important asset for any website and helps in improving or maintaining the Page Rank of the sites.

Internal Links

Internal links are the links within the same site.They are the links which join together a website.Descriptive internal links are preferred since it makes it easier for the search engines to understand the overall theme of any particular website.

Index page

It is same as Home page.


Each time your Internet ad is displayed on a computer monitor, this is known as an Impression. Many Internet marketing companies allow you to pay for advertising on either a per Impression basis or a pay per click. If you pay per click you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and the Hyperlink takes them to your website. If you pay for ads per Impression, you agree to pay a set amount each time the ad is displayed, whether someone clicks on it or not.


Internet is the term derived from two words: Inter and Network. When two or more network of computers are linked to exchange information on world wide web, we term it as Internet. In short, it is just network of networks.

IP Address

IP stands for Internet Protocol Address or simply IP.It is classified into four classes: A,B,C,D,each class representing certain range.IP address appears to look like a string of digits, separated by dot(.) eg.
Each device connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP address.

Information Retrieval




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