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SEO Glossary – terms definitions starting with the letter ‘M


MSN is Microsoft’s portal, offering MSNBC News, sports, MSN Money, games, videos, entertainment & celebrity gossip, weather, shopping etc.

Meta tags

Meta-information (information about information) that is associated with a web page and placed in the HTML but not displayed on the page for the user to see. There are a range of meta tags, only a few of which are relevant to search engine spiders. Two of the most well-known meta tags are the meta description and meta keywords; unfortunately these are ignored by most major search engines, including Google


Microsoft is the maker of the popular Windows operating system and Internet Explorer browser.


MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends.


Microblogging is small blogging in which you can announce your message or video or images limited to certain character usually 140. Simple way to broadcast your message in short form Example is Twitter

Mozilla Firefox

It is one of the most popular open source web browser whose features is making it more popular day by day. More on Firefox

Meta Search

Search results that are combined from several searches, to form a consolidated result.

Meta-search engine sends user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. They enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously and operate on the premise that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all and that more comprehensive search results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines. This also may save the user from having to use multiple search engines separately.

Meta Description

Meta description refers to a meta tag that is hidden in HTML that describes the page’s content. It provides an opportunity to influence how your Web page is described in the search results, but it will not improve your search rankings.

Manual Review


Manual Penality


Meta Keywords


Meta Refresh


Mirror Site




Meta Data






Manual Submission