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SEO Glossary – S

Search Engine Crawling

Crawling is a search engine process of finding new web sites or locates updating of old sites and adding them to search engine database. Search engines make use of hundreds to computer to crawl the whole web. Search engine make use of computer program which is know as bot or spider to fetch the web pages. There are various facts which influence the crawling and indexing by search like in bound links, fresh contents, page rank, authority sites etc. Search engine crawling process is an algorithmic and computer programs determine the frequency of crawling. News, blogs or daily updated websites are crawled more than static and non updating sites. Search engines has separator spider or robot for news, blogs, images, maps, video, shopping, advertising and ads publishing websites

Search Engine

Search Engine can be defended as program which search online database of internet resources, web sites, documents for a specific keyword and return the list of results match to that search criteria.. A search engine is a searchable online database of internet resources. A software that searches for information and returns sites which provide that information. Examples of search engines are AltaVista, Google, MSN and Yahoo.


Also known as a bot, robot, or crawler. Spiders are computers used by a search engine to periodically explore your web site, download the HTML content (not including graphics) of your pages, strip out whatever it considers superfluous and redundant out of the HTML, and store the rest in a database (i.e. it’s index).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique through which we maintain the rankings of websites and there by improve the quality of traffic to that website. Whenever we search for a particular data, the sites that appear at the higher position has highest ranking with respect to that search. And this optimization is done by making some alterations, viz editing its HTML associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

It refers to result page displayed after performing some search.

Search term

It is a keyword, or a phrase that is used to conduct a search engine query. For better search results, one should perform search using particular necessary kewords.The more specific keywords you use for the search, the more better search results you get.


It is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is the term proposed in 2001 for all management of SEO and its related activities. SEM is a way to promote websites by making them appear on top of the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) through Search Engine Optimization technique, Pay-per-click technique and Contextual Advertising technique.

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