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Metatag Generator is powered By © MegriSoft. You can get copy of the Free Metatag Generator for Generator” Button. Metatag Generator will be in your mail box. You can also cut below html code and paste on your page. For demonstration Click Here

Meta Tag Generator Cod Powered By Megrisoft

Cut and past following code in your page

<tr><td ALIGN=CENTER BGCOLOR="#506899"><b><font face="verdana"><font color="#FFFFFF"><font size=+0>Meta
Tag Generator</font></font></font></b></td>
<tr><td BGCOLOR="#BACFFA"><form method="POST" action="">
<center><table BORDER=0 WIDTH="73%" ><tr>
<td WIDTH="30%"><b><font face="Arial"><font color="#000000">Your Name:</font></font></b></td>
<td WIDTH="70%"><input type="text" name="name" size="43"></td></tr> <tr>
<td VALIGN=TOP WIDTH="30%"><b><font face="Arial"><font color="#000000">Key
Words:</font></font></b><font color="#800000"><font size=-2>(separate with
<td WIDTH="70%"><textarea rows="2" name="key" cols="35"></textarea></td></tr>
<td VALIGN=TOP WIDTH="30%"><b><font face="Arial"><font color="#000000">Description:</font></font></b></td>
<td WIDTH="70%"><textarea rows="2" name="description" cols="35"></textarea></td></tr>
<td WIDTH="30%"><b><font face="Arial"><font color="#000000">Author:</font></font></b></td>
<td WIDTH="70%"><input type="text" name="author" size="35"></td></tr>
<td COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%"><b>Would you like a Spider tag included?&nbsp;</b><input
type="checkbox" name="spider" value="yes" checked></td></tr>
<td WIDTH="30%"></td>
<td WIDTH="70%"><input type="submit" value="Create Meta Tags"
<td ALIGN=CENTER BGCOLOR="#506899"><b><font face="verdana"><font color="#FFFF00"><font size=-2>PoweredBy &copy;MegriSoft&nbsp;</font></font></font></b></td></tr>

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